The Edith Stewart Chase Foundation

The purpose of the Edith Stewart Chase Foundation is to grant emergency financial assistance to retired educators who confront an economic crisis.



Q: Who has access to this information? 

A: The application is sent to the office.  A trustee reads the application, checks to see whether it is complete and creates an anonymous summary to submit to the committee for review.  Names and addresses are not used.  If there is further information to be learned, a committee member may be asked to get this information.  This might mean checking the tax bills at the local assessor office.  All information should be considered confidential.  We get as much information as we can to make a fair determination. 


Q: What makes me eligible to apply for a grant?

A: You are eligible to apply if you receive a pension from the MTRS and are a member of REAM (Retired Educators Association of Massachusetts).


Q: What are the types of income that should be reported?

A: All household income should be reported.  That would include spouses or significant others.  Also relatives or roommates who share household expenses.


Q: May one apply to the Edith Stewart Chase Foundation more than once for a grant?

A: You may apply more than once for a grant but for subsequent applications, you should be able to show you have explored other options such as those offered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, local community assistance programs and those offered by Senior Citizens groups in your community.


Q: Is there a maximum amount that can be applied for?

A: Grants range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.  We are limited to the money made on our principal and the generous donations made throughout the year by our chapter members.    We try to distribute it fairly.


Q: What is meant by a financial emergency?

A: A financial emergency is generally an unexpected financial expense which cannot be postponed and for which you do not have the available resources.


Q: What do I do if I am not a REAM Member and do not have $30 to become a member?

A: We can arrange to have REAM membership for the first year included in the grant.


Q: What is the process for having grants approved?

A: The committee meets four times a year (Feb., May, Aug., Nov.) to approve grants.  You must submit an application and the required paperwork prior to the quarterly meeting.  If approved, you will get a letter indicating you will use the grant money for the purposes stated in the application and will submit proof of payment within a reasonable amount of time.


Q: What if I have transferred ownership of my home to another person?

A: If the ownership is no longer in your name, work done on the property becomes the responsibility of the owner. This is not negotiable. We do check the tax bills in the town to verify ownership.